Spied: 2014 Porsche Cajun

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Porsche Cajun internals were spotted inside an Audi Q5 body at the Nurburgring.

Porsche has just finished their 2012 911 and they aren't wasting any time getting the testing started on their new Cajun. Seen in our brand new spy photos, the Porsche Cajun guts sit inside Audi's Q5 body as a clever disguise. The new Cajun is based on the Q5, so it makes sense that the VW stable-mates would combine to share mules and hide their newer products. The baby SUV was spotted testing on the Nurburgring and features a wider track than the regular Q5.

The mule was driving on Porsche's testing area, so the German's tell was called pretty quickly and we realized it had to be the Cajun. Porsche has given their new Cajun a fine-tuned chassis along with better brakes and fancier wheels. Audi's gasoline and diesel engines will power the Cajun, yet once Porsche's technicians get their hands on them you can be assured power will be boosted to get maximum performance. A hybrid option will be available as well, using a 2.0 TFSI engine that can put out a respectable 210hp that will be complemented with a 44hp electric motor.

CO2 output for the new Porsche crossover should hit the magical 130g/km number, the amount specified by the government that carmakers must reach by 2015. No pricing or availability information has been released as of yet, however we do know that it will initially be released as a 4-door model. A sportier two-door version should come out soon after the Porsche Cajun's launch. Photos: CarPix

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