SPIED: 2020 Mercedes E-Class Stops For Fuel

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What is hidden under that camouflage?

Just two months ago, our spy photographers spotted the facelifted Mercedes E-Class Wagon out testing. The car was covered with some heavy camouflage, though we could get a sense of some of the upcoming model's new styling features. The new headlights appeared to borrow heavily from the new A-Class and CLS, while the rear appeared to be pretty similar to the outgoing model.

Now, our photographers have captured photos of the facelifted E-Class Sedan. Mercedes cleverly used white camouflaging on a white car, making it hard to tell exactly what the car looks like underneath, though we will take our best guess.

The E-Class Sedan was spotted up close during a fuel stop while performing cold weather testing in Sweden. This facelift is expected to arrive next year as a 2020 model. The front bumper is heavily covered, so it's tough to see how it will change in this facelift. The grille is quite visible and appears to be similar to the one seen on the wagon, meaning this could be the new grille design for the E-Class range moving forward.

Mercedes also covered the rear, even going as far as to add provisional prototype taillights. The production taillights won't look like the ones seen here, so they remain a complete mystery.

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It will be interesting to see how much the E-Class shares in common with the new A-Class and the facelifted C-Class, which we recently spotted during its own winter testing. We expect the 2020 E-Class to include the new MBUX infotainment system, which was first shown on the A-Class. It is still unclear if we will see any powertrain changes, something Mercedes will no doubt reveal in the new year.

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