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Spied: BMW 4-Series Convertible Cruising with the Top Down

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Check out the open-top’s replacement with the hardtop roof retracted and feast on its new interior.

The current 3-Series Convertible, allegedly being renamed the 4-Series, has been getting plenty of air time recently, and these latest set of spy shots show the open-top's replacement with the electrically-operated, three-piece top tucked neatly away in the trunk. Replacing the E93, the F33 is roughly the same size, although like the rest of the new series, it sports shorter overhangs, a longer wheelbase and a tad more legroom.

Under all that camouflage, we expect the convertible (and F32 coupe) to have a sportier, sleeker design than the sedan. We also get to see a look at the interior, which will mimic that of the sedan's save for the rear view mirror. As for the engine lineup, customers in the US will likely get the N20 2.0-liter turbo inline four and N55 3.0-liter turbo inline six. A station wagon, coupe and a new Gran Turismo will also form part of the 3-Series family.

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