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Spied: BMW i3 Caught Chillin’ on a Truck

The BMW i3 is getting closer to production as we can see from the latest batch of spy shots.

Our intrepid CarBuzz spy photographers have caught the BMW i3 electric car cruising on the back of a flatbed in Germany. It has been almost one year since we have seen the i3 prototype out in the open, and though it is heavily camouflaged we can still see some details that the German automaker has sought fit to keep for production. Compared to the last BMW i3 that the cameramen captured, this new prototype features the headlights in the correct position.

We can also see the roofline and c-pillar appearing to be roughly the same design from the concept. The rear doors of the i3 will open like the MINI Clubman, suicide door style. That means the front doors have to be open to allow rear-passenger entry/exit. In case you might have forgotten, the BMW i3 is ultra-light thanks to its carbon fiber construction. It features a 170hp and 184 lb-ft of torque electric engine that allows for a 0-62mph sprint in just under 8 seconds. The electronically-limited top speed of the hatchback is said to be 93mph.

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