Spied: BMW X6 M Moseying Around the 'Ring

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The CarBuzz spy photographers have caught the new BMW X6 M testing around the Nurburgring.

Our spy photogs have just caught the BMW X6 M at the Nurburgring in Germany sporting minimal camouflage. The X6 M has been seen here before testing around Germany's famous racetrack and now that we can see more of the exterior, the questions are flying around about what is in its interior, and more specifically what sits under the hood. BMW engineered a much larger hood scoop to allow for much more air to reach the engine.

What we are wondering is, what is it that the X6 M is packing that would require it to receive so much air? We think it will feature either a high-powered version of the twin-turbo V8 or it could even be the tri-turbo high-powered diesel engine. If the latter turns out to be true, then this car would in fact be a test mule for the BMW X6 xDrive 55dM (or whatever fairly complex name the Germans decide to give it). Insiders inside BMW relay that the tri-turbo diesel engine will make its debut in the face-lifted X6 and later follow in the 5-series as an M550dX.

The tri-turbo diesel will pack more than 500hp and torque of over 650lb-ft and would definitely benefit from the aforementioned enlarged hood scoop. Whatever BMW decides to do with their BMW X6 M, we are sure it will pack quite a punch and look good doing it. Photos: CarPix

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