SPIED: Ferrari Is Building A Stunning Roma Spider

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This convertible looks as pretty as the coupe top up or down.

The Ferrari Roma is a wonderful machine. Not only is it achingly beautiful, it's fairly affordable by Ferrari standards. The front-engine GT coupe starts at around $222,000, a discount cheaper than the $321k 296 GTB. Plus, with 621 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque, Ferrari's entry-level coupe isn't exactly slow but it is a bit confined.

So for those that prefer roofless supercars, fear not, as it appears the Italian carmaker is chopping the roof off. Thanks to the video below, we now have our first look at the Ferrari Roma Spider, dropped camo and all.


However, we must point out something first. The Roma sits on scaleable architecture. That means a number of different engines and transmissions will fit in the car by design. That also means Ferrari is fond of using the car as a test bed. For example, we've seen a V12 Roma before, which is likely a test bed for a Ferrari 812 replacement. So, this car could potentially be a mule for any front-engine roofless Ferrari.

That said, two prototypes are spotted in the video. The first was a roof-on blacked-out coupe covered in camo elements. However, it's still a Roma, at least from what we can tell. The lights are something of a giveaway. The largest difference lies in the roofline, which is far from your standard Roma. That's where the Roma Spider theory comes in.

The second is the Spider money shot. The camo-less car. It looks to be in quite an odd state, but the car is definitely still a Ferrari Roma. The panels are identical to a hardtop Roma, but the differences between whatever this car is and the existing Roma make themselves apparent on the rear deck.

It's been redesigned to accommodate new panels, obviously for the convertible roof mechanism. It's not clear if this is a retractible hard or soft-top car yet. For now, our money is on a folding soft top. The Portofino already covers the folding hard-top segment in the brand's lineup. We can also see that the nose is taped up. This could be because Ferrari will add some slight stylistic differences between the hardtop and convertible cars. We'll just have to wait for more photos to decode the mystery.

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