SPIED: Ford Mustang Chases Electric Supervan Around The Nurburgring

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What's Ford doing with the Supervan?

It's not very often we get spy shots of a car without camo. Still, sometimes it happens, if only partially. It's even less frequently that we get spy shots of two cars that are already out. Still, here we sit. Hot on the heels of the debut of the new Mustang, our spies captured a Ford Mustang Mach 1 chasing the electric Ford Supervan around the Nurburging.

Frankly, it's raised some eyebrows here in the office. What on Earth would Ford be doing with this car months after its debut? A company track day? We've actually got a few other theories you might like to hear.

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Obviously, this is evidence that Ford is going to make an electric fastback Mustang and is using the Supervan shell as a drivetrain mule. Kidding. If only. More likely, this is Ford shooting some promo materials. There really isn't a better reason for two cars that are already out in the world to be on track together, especially if they're performance cars. Still, our spies didn't report seeing anyone else with a camera.

More likely, Ford is, in fact, using the Supervan as a mule. The brand's electrification strategy is in full swing, and we don't doubt that there will be performance EVs coming out of Dearborn over the next several years. The Supervan seems like an ideal place to start testing what is possible with EVs.

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Ford could also be using the Supervan for battery testing. Just because you're on the 'Ring doesn't mean you need to go as fast as you can around it. Originally, the Supervan had a small 50-kilowatt battery pack feeding its four electric motors (one at each wheel). Ford may just be testing larger battery packs and range degradation on the 'Ring.

The Nordschleife is a varied, massive track. This time of year, it's possible one side of the track will be overcast and rainy, and the other end could be totally dry. There aren't many better places to test batteries across a variety of circumstances than the Nordschleife.

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Of course, none of this explains the presence of the Mustang. Perhaps Ford isn't testing at all, and these cars are just out on track because the guys at the 'Ring had a free afternoon. Wouldn't you, if you had the keys? Still, it's basically impossible to know what Ford is up to here. We'd like to think that Ford has set an EV lap record of some sort and is using the Mach 1 to get chase footage.

There are no obvious changes to the van. It's still got massive buttresses that'd be more at home on the Ford GT, crazy aero, and a massive diffuser. Whatever's going on here, we're just happy to see Ford using the 2,000-horsepower van.

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