SPIED: Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door Gets New Screen To Match New Face

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Mercedes has slightly updated the GT in all areas for 2024.

We've spied the updated Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door again, this time during some winter testing that yielded the first photos of the new car's interior. "New" may be a strong word, as Mercedes has consistently updated the 4-Door over the last few years. Still, this is the car's first update after some new additions earlier this year.

On top of now seating five, the new GT will most likely be getting an entirely new face, as well as what may be some new gills or badging on the sides. It could mean the car will debut badged solely as an AMG. We can see from our spy photos that Mercedes has taken care to cover both areas, but not the headlights.

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At this point, we're expecting the headlight situation to change, though it's not clear when. Likely, we'll see updated units installed later with camo over them. Mercedes often refreshes a car's headlights during a facelift period.

We expect much the same around back, where the car is camo-free. That likely won't last long, again due to the logic above. We highly doubt Mercedes will simply be refreshing only the front of the car for the upcoming model year. At the back, changes will probably be relatively minor as compared to the front, which is sometimes the case with these mid-cycle Mercedes facelifts.

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Inside, it appears Mercedes has integrated a new screen into the GT 4-Door. It's more recessed into the dash, rather than sitting on top of it as some current Mercedes models are wont to do. For now, at least, the screen change is the only change, albeit a large one.

The seats on the GT appear to be the same, and the same can be said for the center console. The car was undergoing some winter testing in Northern Sweden when it was spotted, this time with different wheels from the last time we saw it. We expect the refreshed GT to debut in the back half of 2023.

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