Spied: Mercedes-Benz GLK Facelift

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Northern Sweden is quickly becoming a hotbed for cold-weather testing new vehicles.

Our spy photographers have been busy in Northern Sweden, first capturing some terrific spy photos of the Audi A3 hatchback and now bringing us another glimpse of the face-lifted Mercedes-Benz GLK in its testing phase. The GLK seen here has some camouflage on the front and rear, however other than that we can see quite a bit of the updated crossover. The front and rear bumpers are both covered, however on the former we can see a light tube in the headlights and a new design, similar to that of the recently-revealed B-Class.

The taillights are also changed and they feature LED-technology. Going back to the front bumper, new air intakes should also be added as the bumper could change a bit from the testing phase until it reaches production. Our photographers also found a way to capture an image of the interior for the first time. We can see some new air outlets on the dashboard and just like the ML and GL, the GLK also receives a gear changer for the automatic transmission on the steering column as opposed to the center console a la the current Mercedes-Benz GLK.

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