Spied: Mystery EV Sports Car Prototype

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This is the first time our spy shots have left us stumped. Any guesses what this odd-looking EV sports car could be?

Even when camouflaged, we have a decent idea of what make and model we're looking at when prototypes like this are spied testing. On this occasion however, we're stumped. Our photos show a truly bizarre, sporty-looking, electric vehicle that engineers were being very secretive about during a brief test run this week. We know that the big yellow stickers on the car read "Electric Vehicle" in German, which are added as a safety precaution.

This suggests the test car may be from one of the German OEMs but it could equally be a red herring. Spotted on the winter test track of a large supplier company who weren't too keen on having it seen, the car completed exactly one lap of the test track and then went back into hiding. It hasn't been spotted since. Looking at the styling of the body, any number of automakers come to mind. Parts of the car certainly have a Morgan or Weismann feel to them, and from certain angles with squinted eyes it could even pass for a Porsche.

The dimensions of the car are small and narrow, and it's also worth noting that the rear wheels appear to be quite far inside the fenders. So, what do you think it is?

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