Spied: Mystery Porsche 911 Convertible

With no GT3 Convertible planned, is this a special edition GTS Convertible?

While we’ve already shown you spy shots of the upcoming faceliftedPorsche 911 (991), this group of prototypes had a new surprise hidden inside it: thisconvertible 911, sporting center-mounted exhaust pipes. These stand out fromthe normal Carrera and Carrera S models, and are somewhat reminiscent of theGT3 exhaust composition. But Porsche has already ruled out a GT3 convertible,leaving us with the question: what could this be?

With a tight-lipped Porsche, our best guess is a specialedition GTS convertible. While it may be a Speedster, the roof line seems like anormal convertible, and as such this would be an early prototype model with theregular convertible windshield. Any guesses on what this could be?

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