Spied: Renault Clio 4 Winter Testing

The 5-door Clio 4 has been spotted testing in the cold north of Europe.

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show is underway as we speak, and Renault is busy preparing a new model for the Paris Motor Show in October. The fourth generation Clio, dubbed cleverly the Clio 4, is a five-door model with a pair of hidden doors in the rear for an extra-sporty appearance. The all-new Clio 4 is the first Renault model to carry the new styling shown off by the French automaker's DeZir concept cars. The lower, wider Clio saves about 220 lbs of weight versus its predecessor and is said to be more efficient as well.

Renault is making several engines available for the next-generation Clio 4. 74- or 89-horsepower 1.5-liter diesel dCi engines are available along with a few gasoline plants with power ranging from 89hp all the way up to 200hp.

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