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Spied: Volvo S60 on the Road

Volvo's answer to the BMW M3 has arrived.

At long last the Volvo S60 Performance Project developed in Australia as a joint endeavor between Volvo and Polestar of producing a fully-loaded S60 has come to fruition. The first pictures of the S60 taking a test drive revealed a camouflaged monster of a car with a horsepower in the 400 range. Knowing about Pole Star's success in motorsports, it is a safe bet that a lot of technology from motorsport can be found this Polestar-built performance S60.

From the pictures you can clearly see the fenders have been altered and are much wider then on a normal S60. The wheels are also much wider to deliver maximum grip. Volvo is not traditionally recognized for performance in Australia, but the S60 should be able to make a big dent in that perception. It is also now in an excellent position to give the BMW M3 and Mercedes C 63 AMG a run for their money.

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