Spoiled Brats Supposedly Love the Honda S2000

Because it has potential. Potential.

Everyone loves the Honda S2000. Well, not everyone, but a solid majority of car people will respond positively to it when asked. Some love the S2000 because of its specs on paper: front-mid engined VTEC four banger, rear-wheel-drive, manual gearbox, and just two seats. It is a pure sports car in every way. In reality, however, some don’t think it’s as fast or as powerful as other claim it to be. That doesn’t make the S2000 bad, just something that’s overhyped. Some love to modify their S2000s, other prefer to keep them stock.

Whatever your preference is, the S2000 is deniably a classic. And Regular Car Reviews gets behind the wheel of yet another S2000. Want to know why it’s the supposed Final Fantasy 6 of cars? Check out the video ahead.

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