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Sporty Hyundai Venue Variant To Debut Soon

2019 New York Auto Show / 4 Comments

This could be the first step towards a full-fat performance variant.

Hyundai recently revealed its new entry-level Venue crossover at the 2019 New York Auto Show and while the focus for its smallest CUV is on 'Urban Entrepreneurs' who value practicality and the latest tech-features, the pint-sized vehicle may also receive the sporty N-Line treatment according to Hyundai North America Chief Operating Officer, Brian Smith.

Smith said that an N-Line version of the Venue is likely to be introduced in the near future. While that's potentially exciting news, it may end up being more like the Elantra GT N-Line rather than the full-on performance Veloster N.

The difference is that N-Line variants are more about visual improvements and suspensions tweaks rather than any additional ponies under the hood. Considering that the Venue was never designed to be an overtly sporty model the visual upgrades might be enough for most.

For those who were expecting the proper N Performance treatment, there may be hope yet. Smith mentioned that while they would start by offering N-Line packages at first, they might offer a more powerful Venue in due course.

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There are already N-Line variants of the Tucson and Sonata, so clearly Hyundai is thinking about expanding its performance portfolio across its range and will be keeping an eye on how customers react to these warmed-over variants first.

While the Venue is quite likely to be a strong seller in the US market even in its standard 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated form, we would love to see it fitted with some big wheels, sportier suspension and that turbocharged 275 horsepower motor in the top-spec Veloster N. Now that would be a just the type of thing for the 'Urban Entrepreneur' in a serious hurry.