Sporty Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX Arrives This Year With 335 HP

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With AWD, this should be a spritely family van.

A warmed-up, more exciting version of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz will debut this year with 335 horsepower. The output of the ID. Buzz GTX was revealed by Volkswagen R&D boss Kai Gruenitz at a recent UK Car of the Year event, reports Autocar.

"The GTX will be a cool high-performance version, with 250 kilowatts, a dedicated interior, new exterior colors, and some additional features," said the executive.

As a dual-motor vehicle, the minivan will have all-wheel drive, using the same system that will appear on the upcoming ID.7 sedan, which was recently teased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. The automaker is also reportedly weighing up the pros and cons of offering another AWD version of the ID. Buzz without the GTX accouterments.

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We've already known for some time that a hotter ID. Buzz was in the works thanks to a leaked internal document that surfaced last year, but we did not know that the GTX would arrive with 134 horses more than the standard vehicle. Keep in mind, however, that 201 hp is the rating of Europe's ID. Buzz, and since the US will get a longer variant, our entry-level van may have more power anyway. It's also worth noting that plans for an American ID. Buzz GTX have not been set in stone. Considering how much excitement there is around the regular ID. Buzz, it seems logical that we'd get the sporty variant, but we'd curb our enthusiasm for now; America is not getting the GTX version of the ID.4 - but our ID.4 AWD already has the same amount of power, and VW execs previously told CarBuzz that the GTX suffix is more of a styling package than a bona fide performance model.

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What we do know is that the longer ID. Buzz will be very practical. "It will have three rows and seven seats, and you can pull them all out of the back," said Gruenitz. "It will also have captain chairs that turn around."

The R&D head also confirmed that the development of a California version has commenced: "There will be a camper version. The first concept is being worked on now. It's interesting what's possible and what would be cool and usable."

This version is expected to arrive in 2025, and we may even get a pickup version of the ID. Buzz too.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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