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Spotted in Russia: BMW Art Car Gets its Wings, Made of Tires

This incredible piece of art was spotted in Perm, Russia last week and posted on the website

One of the most fascinating art cars we have ever seen was just spotted in Perm, Russia. The car in question is a BMW 3-Series that was constructed completely from tires, though the headlights look like they could be from a 5-Series model. This most peculiar piece of German engineering covered in used Soviet rubber looks to be in solid shape and for some reason features a pair of wings that would make even a Nazgul blush.

We've seen strange wraps come out of Russia, so it was probably just a matter of time until we saw something like this. Take a gander at this piece of Russian construction and let us know what you think about a car that would give Frodo and Sam quite a scare.

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