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Spyker C8 Aileron LM85 Marks End Of Wonderfully Strange Era

Limited Edition / 2 Comments

Without question it was one of the quirkiest and coolest supercars of its time.

Last March at Geneva we learned that Christian von Koenigsegg will build a new V8 engine exclusively for Spyker. However, that V8 will power the upcoming C8 Preliator, not the long-running C8 Aileron. As such, it's time to say goodbye to the C8 Aileron, and Spyker has revealed the final edition. Limited to just three examples, the C8 Aileron LM85 name references Spyker's old GT race car. Aside from the historic name, each of the three cars will sport an exterior paint scheme taken from the GT race cars with huge contrasting S's on the sides.

One car will be Jet Black with a Crimson red 'S', the second in Crimson Red with Jet Black 'S', and the third one is Jet Black with a Golden 'S.' Other exterior changes include wider fender flares made from solid aluminum billets and wider wheel arches for, presumably, larger wheels and tires. Power will come from the familiar Audi-sourced supercharged V8 with 525 hp, and paired to a six-speed manual (a mechanical wonder just to look at). Spyker claims a 0-62 mph time of 3.9 seconds. The C8 Aileron was originally launched back in 2008, so it's had a good run.

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Spyker has seen its share of ups and down financially, but after speaking with founder and CEO Victor Muller at Geneva, it seems things are back on track. Spyker has not released pricing for each of the three C8 Aileron LM85s, but that information is available upon request.