Spyker Cars Wants to be Fully Revived Once Again

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There's always room for second chances.

Throughout all of the drama that surrounded Saab this past year, some may have forgotten all about its parent company, Spyker. By now, we all know that Saab has filed for bankruptcy and its assets are currently being liquidated. But through all of that, Spyker cars was just sort of left to sit around during Saab's downfall. With the dust settling, a new report has just come out from a Dutch publication claiming that Victor Muller, the former head of Saab, still has plans for his boutique sports car company.

As a quick recap, Muller was running Spyker before he bought Saab from GM. His plan was to combine the two companies, with Saab obviously building more mainstream cars and Spyker handling the high-end performance line. Obviously the former isn't going to happen, but that doesn't mean that Spyker has to shut its door as well. This Dutch source is claiming that Muller would like for Spyker production to reach 1,000 units annually when it starts up once again. In addition, he'd like to add more models, such as a production version of their D12 Peking-To-Paris Concept.

Thing is, money remains an issue. Muller is currently talking to potential investors as he seeks out around $32 million to get things up and running again. With the market for ultra-luxury performance brand SUVs beginning to pick up (think Bentley, Maserati, and Lamborghini), the Peking-To-Paris could become a success. However, investors aren't wild about the idea of doing business again with Muller in the wake of the Saab debacle and a previous failed F1 team attempt.

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