Spyker Could Be Crawling Back To Geneva With A New Concept Car

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Eight years and four concepts later, Spyker is back.

Spyker's days have been dark of late, seeing as how it hasn't sold a car since 2012 and hasn't created one since 2007. The automaker's last car, the C12 Zagato, was no laughing matter, at least on paper. Spyker says it produced 500 horsepower out of a 6.0-liter W12 engine, which helped it get to 60 mph in just under four seconds. These are impressive numbers by today's standards let alone for 2007, even if there is no evidence of them being proven. Still, all the evil isn't entirely Spyker's fault.

The good people there suffered through a massive financial restructuring. This happened after deal upon deal involving Saab's corpse crashed like a commercial jet into a nuclear power plant in a James Bond movie. Now that that's all sorted out they hope to reveal a new car in Geneva this year, supposedly an electric sports car. That's being speculated because some time ago, in August as a matter of fact, a Chinese backer provided $33 million to Spyker and the company Volte Volare to put towards a new electric vehicle. Here's hoping Spyker brings something to the show. After all what drowning car company wouldn't like to put the wind in its sales by unveiling a new concept? Still, we aren't super confident anything will be shown at all.

Maybe if it wasn't the fourth concept reveal since 2008 we wouldn't be so guarded. Rumors abound, however, that Geneva will show either that electric sports car or the long awaited B6 Venator, birthed from a concept way back in 2014. Either way it should be interesting, and hopefully uplifting. Maybe after the curtain is pulled there will sit a cardboard cutout of the C12 Zagato with a man sitting inside shouting "Vroom!"

Check out the new electric car.


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