Spyker Has Come Back To Life, With Bankruptcy Declared Null And Void Following Appeal

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At last, a chance to use the phrase "zombie Dutch carmaker."

We all mourned the loss Spyker when it was announced that the charmingly, purposefully weird Dutch boutique carmaker had declared bankruptcy. Such cars are rare, and you never want to see their makers go under. Of course, Spykers are so rare because people don't buy many of them, making the collapse almost inevitable. Or so it seemed, as Spyker has just announced that it's back, after an appeal has allowed the bankruptcy to be declared null and void.

This means that Spyker has return to its moratorium of payment status, but Spyker CEO Victor Muller said that the company should exit this within a few weeks once agreements with creditors are reached. Spyker will now be moving forward with the pre-bankruptcy plans to merge with a mysterious and unnamed American manufacturer of electric airplanes, and Muller has said that this will mean there will be future electric models from Spyker. We don't know exactly what it was that caused this appeal to go through, but we're more or less convinced that it was because of the C8 burnout video we posted recently.


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