Spyker Hints at B6 Concept

Holland's niche automaker is recovering from its failed Saab venture the best way possible: with a new sportscar.

Its Saab days are behind it. So is its Formula One team. Now it’s back to business for Spyker, an ambitious Dutch automaker that is refocusing its energies on its own products. Earlier this month we brought you a report that indicated that Spyker was preparing a new sportscar to unveil at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and now the niche automaker has confirmed as much with this teaser image. Called the B6 concept, it’s expected to target the Porsche 911.

Showing only its silhouette, all we can discern is a profile that looks similar to the new Alfa Romeo 4C that will also bow at the Swiss expo. It looks to pack a mid-engine, rear-drive layout (although it admittedly could be all-wheel-drive for all we know at this point). The B6 would, if put into production, potentially slot below the current C8 Aileron. If previous Spyker vehicles – whether production or concept – are any indication, the B6 should incorporate a level of attention to detail unsurpassed in the industry. Watch this space for more.

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