Spyker Is Back And It Has Some BIG News

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The Dutch car company went AWOL for a while.

Spyker has certainly had its fair share of tough times and it seems like every few years it manages to reinvent itself. CEO Victor Muller simply refuses to give up even though the company has sold less than 300 cars since it was founded nearly a decade ago. And now, the luxury Dutch marque that's given the world the likes of the Spyker C8 Aileron has just announced a new partnership that will see it launch three new models starting next year.

The Spyker Group has announced it has entered an agreement with two motorsport companies, BR Engineering and SMP Racing, both owned by Boris Rotenberg and his business partner, Michail Pessis.

The deal involves no less than the re-introduction of Spyker to the world. Among the vehicles it intends to begin building sometime in 2021 will be the Spyker C8 Preliator, which was first revealed at Geneva in 2017, the B6 Venator, and the wild D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV, which date back to 2013 and 2006, respectively.

Front Angle View Spyker
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Front View Spyker
Rear Angle View Spyker

Spyker says it'll have a new production plant in Germany up and running in the near future where it'll also run an after-sales department and service facilities. Also in 2021, Spyker intends to open its first international store in Monaco where the hand-built cars will be readily available for the local and wealthy residents. Additional so-called "Flagship Stores" are planned to open at undisclosed times.

There was a time when Spyker had its heart set on a major expansion that ultimately didn't work out well. It purchased Saab from General Motors back in 2010 but doing so led to its own bankruptcy. Five years later, Spyker was back but once again quickly ran into financial problems. In 2017, it struck a deal with Koenigsegg that would have seen the Swedish hypercar company build an exclusive 600-HP V8 for future Spykers, including the C8 Preliator, to replace the old Audi V8. To date, not a single engine has been made.

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"There can be no doubt that Spyker has had a few very tough years since the demise of Saab Automobile AB, in 2011," Spyker said in its press release. "With this new partnership those days are definitely gone and Spyker will become an important player in the super sports car market segment."

CEO Victor Muller also sounds very upbeat with the new beginning. "The collaboration agreement which we signed today, is the highlight of months of our relentless efforts to build a solid Spyker company which disposes of both technical as well as financial means to achieve its business objectives. My gratitude goes out to Boris Rotenberg and Michail Pessis for the trust they both placed in us."

Here's hoping the new agreement will work out this time.


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