Spyker Needs a Heart Transplant

After focusing all its energy on watching Saab collapse, the niche automaker from Holland is courting new engine suppliers for its C8 Aileron.

Spyker has mostly been in the news lately due to its unsuccessful attempt at saving Saab. While we applaud their efforts, we didn't hear too much about the future of the boutique supercar-maker's other cars - you know, the actual supercars. This latest report hopes to bring some traction to the C8 Aileron. The exquisite coupe currently uses a 4.2-liter V8 from Audi, but according Holland's AutoWeek magazine, the Dutch automaker is looking for a new powertrain supplier. That could prove a little more complicated than expected.

General Motors, which supplies crate engines for a variety of smaller automakers, was in the running to furnish its 6.2-liter LSA supercharged V8 - the same 556-horsepower engine found in the Cadillac CTS-V. The Dutch company has apparently tested that engine in the C8, but ever since Saab folded, GM and Spyker aren't exaclty on speaking terms. (More on that in our weekly news roundup.) As a result, Spyker is seeking other automakers to supply it with a V8 engine good for at least 500 horsepower. How a virtually bankrupt Spyker will pay for those engines is another matter.

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