Spyker Owner Looking To Buy Zagato

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According to recent reports, ItalianDesign Giuagiaro may soon be sold to CPP Global Holdings. Last year, this British-based company also bought Dutch boutique supercar builder Spyker Cars. Any final deal won't be made official for several months.

For those who don't already know, Spyker Cars was sold not long ago to British-based company CPP Global Holdings. After the Dutch automaker acquired Saab from GM, money problems soon prevailed, hence the decision to sell off their boutique supercar maker. According to fresh UK media reports, Spyker's new owners are reportedly negotiating the purchase of Italian coachbuilder Zagato. Interestingly, CPP is controlled by Russian billionaire Vladimir Antonov, who will shortly acquire a minority interest in Saab.

In the past, Zagato has worked with Spyker on the limited-edition C12 Zagato, which was based on the C12 Spyder. Zagato has been active recently with Aston Martin for the new Vantage-based V12 Zagato collaboration. It debuted to excellent reviews and will go on sale in limited production for $525,000 each. We won't know for sure whether the Spyker-Zagato deal will be completed for at least another four to six months. Another example of a famous Italian design house has been sold to a foreign company is ItalDesign, which was bought by Volkswagen Group. So we're not really surprised to see Zagato in a similar situation.

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