Spyker's 911 Competitor Coming to Geneva

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Spyker appears to be getting back on its feat in a big way: it supposedly wants to build a 911 fighter.

Early last month, we reported that Dutch automaker Spyker is getting back on track after a rough few years due to that whole Saab debacle. But thanks to an investment from Chinese firm Youngman, Spyker wants to expand its C8 Aileron lineup with a new convertible as well as a possible production version of the D8/D12 Paris-to-Peking uber luxury SUV. According to a new report coming from WorldCarFans and De Telegraaf, something else just as interesting may also be coming.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller stated that his company will unveil a new model set to rival the Porsche 911 at the Geneva Motor Show next month. No other details were given, with only Muller saying "it (the car) will surprise you." The C8 is larger than the 911 so any potential rival would have to be smaller than Spyker's current grand touring model. Whatever shape/size that car could be, it's just nice to see Spyker looking ahead to building truly unique sports cars once again. Muller also confirmed that production will resume shortly after the company completes its transfer of equipment and overall operations from Coventry, UK back to Holland.

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