Spyker's Assets Are Being Auctioned Off

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That's what happens when tax money is owed.

Early last month we published an article regarding Dutch boutique supercar builder, Spyker. To quickly summarize, we were wondering just what the hell happened to it. The B6 Venator coupe and spyder still aren't on sale and, well, there's just been overall silence. Today, however, the reason why is becoming clearer. Autoblog.nl is reporting that Spyker's assets are being auctioned off in order to settle outstanding tax debts.

A Dutch auction house called Troostwijk Auctions is running the sale, with a viewing set for July 25. The auction itself will be held on August 4. So what'll appear on the auction block? For starters, the Peking-to-Paris SUV concept. Other cars will include an F1 car, a unique C8 racer, a C8 Aileron spyder, the C12 Zagato, as well as 85 Audi V8 engines. CEO Victor Mullen is denying that Spyker is bankrupt. He also said financial issues have been resolved and that the auction won't happen. We'll provide more updates the moment we have them.

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Source Credits: www.autoblog.nl www.troostwijkauctions.com

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