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Spyker's Back With The 525-HP C8 Preliator

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The automaker's latest supercar is pretty and wacky.

Spyker has to be one of the wackiest supercar automakers in the entire world and when news of the brand's financial woes came up, we thought it would put a permanent end to the company. However, Spyker revealed the C8 Preliator at the Geneva Motor Show and everything is right in the world of supercars again. The C8 Preliator is the first car from the automaker since 2009 and it looks like it might just save the company from the deep financial abyss.

The C8 Preliator is powered by an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8, which is a motor that Spyker has used in various forms since the C8 first debuted in 2000. However, in the Preliator, the engine features a supercharger for 525 hp and is routed to a gorgeous open-linkage manual transaxle. The supercar's design is said to be inspired by aircraft with a variety of NACA ducts and gold coating on the glass roof, which is what is used in fighter jets. The C8 Preliator utilizes a chassis that is an aluminum tubular space frame design, while the suspension is designed by Lotus. The entire car weighs in at 3,065 lbs, which means the supercar can get to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

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To ensure that the C8 Preliator stops on a dime, the supercar uses AP racing brakes, while steering is a hydraulic rack and pinion unit. As you'd expect from the Dutch automaker, the interior is a work of art. There's even a heads up display for navigation. Customers will have the ability to choose from a variety of trim colors as long as they have the finances on hand. Now for the not so good news, the C8 Preliator has a base price that starts at a little more than $352,000. Only 50 units will be made and production will be at Spyker's UK plant.