Spyker's Future Coming to Light

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After a rough few years trying to save Saab, Spyker wants to upgrade existing models and begin building new ones.

Now that Dutch sports car builder Spyker is seemingly back on its feet with the new B6 Venator Concept first revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show, details regarding upgrades to existing models and potential future ones is beginning to take shape. Along with an eventual production version of the Porsche fighting B6 Venator, Spyker also wants to build its long-awaited high-performance crossover in conjunction with its Chinese partner Youngman.

Set to be based on the D8 Peking-to Paris Concept that debuted in 2006, Spyker wants a production version to retail for around $200,000. A new concept is expected sometime next year and a 2016 production date is being planned. Meanwhile, Road and Track is reporting that some powertrain changes are likely in store for the C8 Aileron. Currently powered by an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8 that in base form produces around 400 horsepower, Spyker Chief Commercial Officer, John Walton, stated that that engine "really hasn't got enough bang for the buck. To be honest, every supercar needs to have something that begins with '5' today.

That's why we're supercharging the car in the future, which will take it to over 500-hp." No word yet whether Spyker will simply supercharge the existing Audi V8 or turn to another engine provider altogether. Regardless, it's nice to see Spyker back on its feet once again.

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