Spyker Signs Landmark Deal With Honda To Work On A Supercar

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These two automakers couldn't be more different than one another, so what exactly can we expect?

Our favorite quirky automaker Spyker has been a bit under the radar lately, with our last word from the automaker being about its partnership with Koenigsegg that will yield engines exclusively for Spyker's upcoming C8 Preliator Spider and subsequent models. However, that's not the end of Spyker's efforts to cozy up to new partners just yet because today the automaker has announced a milestone partnership with Honda that will undoubtedly change its course.


It's not entirely certain what the small Dutch company and the Japanese auto giant have in mind, but sources indicate that Honda is planning on selling Spyker the bones of a two-door mid-engine vehicle that has its power supplemented by electric motors. Sound familiar? Well that's because Honda already builds such a car. Badged as an Acura within the US and as a Honda elsewhere, the NSX was our our hope that Honda would get back into the game with exciting vehicles that cater to the driver with an everyman budget, not just your ordinary soccer parents. Well, at least one part of that wishlist was satisfied by the new NSX, but the hope it would keep its place as a simple and cheap car for all went unmet.

Compromising its character, Honda added a light show of technology to the new NSX and charged buyers a $156,000 entry fee. Spyker, which does not offer an entry-level car either, sees opportunity in the NSX. With a yearning for the sophistication of Honda's hybrid drivetrain and build quality that earned Japan its good name in the auto industry, the Swedish automaker held a press conference on April Fool's Day to announce that it struck up a contract with Honda to purchase the engine and chassis of the NSX, sort of like how Fiat uses a Mazda MX-5 to build the 124 Spider. However when it comes to the interior and exterior styling, Spyker thinks Honda could have done better.

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That's why it will be giving the NSX a makeover to add its signature steampunk styling to the otherwise practical and plain NSX. The deal has only now been announced and we have yet to hear any details about the car, but there's no doubt that this has made our April 1st a good one.


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