Spyker Unveils B6 Venator Concept


Dutch automaker is finding itself once again with this mid-engined luxury sportscar, about the size of a Lotus Evora and taking aim at Porsche’s 911.

There’s something to be said for rediscovering one’s purpose, and that’s the stage in which Spyker now finds itself. The Dutch firm is now divorced of the failed Saab venture, and is going back to its raison d’etre of building jewel-like GTs like the C8 Aileron, and this, the new B6 Venator. Technically still in the concept phase, the B6 Venator has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, demonstrating Spyker’s vision for a Porsche 911 rival in spectacular style.

The compact mid-engined sportscar was designed by Spyker’s chief executive Victor Muller himself and takes its name from the Latin word for "hunter" and a fighter plane which the original Spyker made in the 1900s. Based on an aluminum chassis with carbon-fiber bodywork, the Venator packs a with over 375 horsepower driving the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic. Rumor has it that the B6 is based on the Lotus Evora, and a quick look at the overall dimensions seems to match up: 4.3 meters long, 1.9m wide, a 2.5m wheelbase and a curb weight under 3,100 lbs.

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It’s the detailing that sets the B6 apart, though, with an intricately-crafted interior, glass canopy roof, and lights, grille, intakes, exhaust and wheels that border on haute jewelry. Whatever is underpinning it, though, Spyker says it plans to begin producing the B6 Venator in the first half of next year, with a US introduction to arrive by next fall.