SR Auto's Glorious Hamman BMW M5 Mi5Sion

Looks like an absolute monster, but it’s just really awesome plastic surgery.

This Hamman body kit for the BMW M5 Mi5Sion, by SR Auto of Canada, makes this stock M5 look like an ax murderer of a performance car. Unfortunately, the changes are all cosmetic, but that doesn’t change the fact that this car looks incredible. SR Auto added 21-inch PUR LX09 wheels with a matte black face and electric blue step-lip. Then, the car was brought closer to the ground with an H&R lowering suspension.

Next, this M5 was given Hamman’s full kit, including a front bumper, front fender, side skirts, rear fender, rear bumper, rear roof spoiler and rear trunk spoiler. Of course, some additional tuning would definitely have been nice, but with the basis being a ‘stock’ M5, we already know this car puts out some manic performance. Well, now it has the murderous look to match those numbers.

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