SR Auto's Ice Blade Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia gets some new life thanks to the guys at SR Auto.

Canadian tuning firm SR Auto has seen their profile raised as of late. This hasn't come without good reason, however, as their aftermarket modifications to many a supercar have been received with great acclaim the world over. The latest case in point is the tuner's new take on the Ferrari 458 Italia. Titled "Project Ice Blade," the aftermarket program consists of a terrific body kit and a new set of wheels. The Ferrari 458 Italia by the tuning firm most prominently features a full Novitec Rosso carbon fiber body kit.

Designed with improved aerodynamics in mind, the body kit includes a new front lip and front splitters, side skirts and door handles, side mirrors and an integrated rear diffuser and spoiler. Built entirely out of carbon fiber, the kit adds plenty of style without a ton of extra weight. The Canadians have cranked up the Project Ice Blade's style even further by lowering the Italian supercar's suspension and adding a set of loud PUR wheels. The 4OUR Depth wheels measure 21-inches in the front, 22 in the back and have a modern black face with a Da Vinci Red lip.

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