SR Auto Unleashes Aventador Wintermobile

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What is with taking the Lamborghini Aventador to the slopes?

It's a project we've been keeping a keen eye on, and now SR Auto Group's Project 700 has finally been completed. We'd like to say it's the first Lamborghini Aventador built for the slopes, but a precedent was recently set with a Liberty Walk inspired ski-loving Lambo. The Canadian tuner's first course of action was to install a full carbon-fiber PUR aero kit made up of a front lip, side skirts, rear spoiler and deck lid. A clear vinyl was then applied before wrapping the car in satin black vinyl.

SR Auto Group

Given the Aventador was essentially being transformed into a ski-supercar, a custom made rear attachment was built to accommodate an eight-foot long Thule ski box, which was given then same satin black vinyl wrap as the body. Continuing the murdered-out look, the Aventador was fitted with PUR 4OUR alloys, staggered 19/20 inches front/rear and finished in Modern Black. A PUR Basics lowering system drops the Aventador to a fully functioning height.

SR Auto Group
SR Auto Group
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