SRT Boss: Don't Compare the Viper to the Vette

When you think about it, neither car will steal sales away from the other.

It’s nothing new to compare the SRT Viper to the Chevrolet Corvette. People have been making the comparison ever since the first Viper debuted in 1992. Both are front-engined, all-American, performance machines, but SRT CEO Ralph Gilles believes the comparisons should stop right there. Gilles recently stated that "we are not Corvette. We’ve never tried to be Corvette. We never will be. We’re handmade. It takes 18 hours to paint the stripe on a Viper.

We color sand the entire car, inside and outside. All the panels are beautifully finished. We’re trying to build a custom show car that you can own. This is not a disposable device." Both the Corvette and Viper have their own unique production facilities where workers can focus their full attention to each of these fine machines. But clearly SRT is trying to make its Viper more of a bespoke product. And that’s just fine, considering there’s very little overlap/competition amongst customers. A Corvette shopper will ultimately end up buying a Vette, and vice versa.

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