SRT Chief Says Hemi V8 Won't Be Around Forever

All good things must come to an end sooner or later.

As automakers continue to incorporate new technologies to improve fuel economy, you have to wonder about the future of older engines such as Chrysler’s Hemi V8. Based on growing CAFE standards, sooner or later that wonderful V8 will have to be retired. Fortunately that’s not happening just yet, but SRT chief Ralph Gilles recently admitted that the Hemi will likely be replaced by the end of the decade. What’s more, its replacement probably won’t be a naturally aspirated V8.

“Obviously we are still investing in our Hemi, it’s a great powerplant for us, it’s elegantly simple and makes phenomenal power and I think it’s still relevant today.” Gilles further clarified that the reason why SRT is sticking with the Hemi is purely due to customer demand. “We are only making it because our customers want it. They love it. They love how it sounds, how simple it is, the elegance of it, it’s so reliable, and the torque.” He acknowledged how BMW’s M and Mercedes AMG divisions are currently making the full-time switch to turbocharging, so the writing is on the wall. “Everybody has their own schedule (and) we don’t walk to the same drum as everybody else. In a way I am happy that we are further distinguished by our difference,” Gilles concluded.

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