SRT Presents Charger 392

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Chrysler's performance division brings a couple of special LX sedans at a festival for owners in California.

Every spring, owners of LX-platform Chrysler vehicles get together in Irvine, California, to share their passion for cars like the Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger– and of course their powerful SRT variants. We wouldn't be surprised to see some old Dodge Magnums there too, but something tells us few Lancia Themas make the journey. Whatever the metal, SRT wouldn't miss out on the opportunity to keep its most dedicated fans and owners happy, so this year it came to the gathering known as Spring Fest with a pair of customs.

First up is the Charger 392, which bears its cubic-inch displacement with special badges and gloss black trim on the hood, roof, rear spoiler, mirrors and quarter-panel racing stripes. It also gets a special set of Vapor Chrome wheels and a dedicated serial number plaque on the instrument panel. Unveiled in red with black accents, the 392 will also be available in white, silver, purple and orange. Only 392 examples will be made. Stay tuned for more images and details on the special 300 distinguished with blacked-out brightwork as well.

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