SRT Standalone Brand Nixed, Dodge Welcomes it Back


Does this mean we'll call it the Dodge Viper again?

Fiat-Chrysler has just announced its aggressive and very exciting five-year plan that'll make some happy and others not so much. It's an extensive report, but what's particularly interesting is that the SRT is officially dead as a standalone brand; it'll soon be remerged with Dodge. SRT was split off from Dodge just a few short years ago and aside from the Viper, not much happened with it.

There were rumors of a future SRT Barracuda that would effectively replace the Dodge Challenger, but SRT chief Ralph Gilles refused to comment on this when we asked him at Geneva last March. So what'll happen to the Viper? Nothing, it'll simply be rebranded as the Dodge Viper. Call it sort of a homecoming. Fortunately, there are active plans for many future SRT models from Dodge, such as the Dart SRT, due in late 2016. Even the next generation Journey, also set for a 2016 arrival, will receive the SRT treatment sometime in 2017. The newly refreshed Challenger and Charger both will be juiced by SRT later this summer.

Yes, that means the new supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8, called "Hellcat," will likely be offered in both. So why is SRT being killed off as a standalone brand? The automaker didn't specifically state why, but we suspect that slow Viper sales had something to do with the decision.


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