SRT Viper ACR Coming in 2014

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Despite a delay involving tire development, a new Viper ACR is coming and it could potentially produce more than 730 horsepower.

As expected, SRT is currently developing the track-focused Viper ACR edition that will reportedly debut sometime in 2014. This news comes to us today courtesy of Motor Trend who has managed to confirm from a "high-level" Chrysler source that the ACR is quickly proceeding to production. There was earlier speculation that the new Viper ACR could have arrived as early as this year but there was one significant delay. MT's source is claiming this minor setback had to do with the car's tires.

After witnessing the incredible performance of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, SRT went back to its tire supplier, Pirelli, and asked for something that would be better than the P-Zero Corsas the Viper currently has. Pirelli is now supposedly coming up with a solution. The Viper ACR, like the previous generation, will feature plenty of track-ready upgrades over the standard Viper such as bigger brakes, adjustable dampers, improved aerodynamics that'll include a large rear wing and various other weight reduction measures.

Power wise, its 8.4-liter V10 could be tuned to produce more than 730 horsepower, effectively exceeding the output of the Ferrari V12-powered F12berlinetta. The question is whether Ferrari will allow for something like that to happen. However, it'll be up to Fiat executives to make the final call giving SRT permission to go ahead with the plan or not.

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