SRT Viper Coming to Europe (Sort Of)

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Despite its growing popularity in Europe, Chrysler has no plans to export the SRT Viper outside of North America. That's where GeigerCars is stepping in.

Back in January, Chrysler announced that its new SRT Viper would not officially be sold in Europe as the automaker prefers to focus its sales efforts for the car solely in the North American market. The key word in that sentence, however, is "officially". Sensing a good business opportunity due to the car's increasing popularity overseas, GeigerCars has announced that it plans to import a very small number of Vipers to Germany in the near future.

No word yet as to what the Viper's final German price tag will be after various import costs and taxes are factored in, but rumors suggest that it will start at roughly 139,000 Euros, which is about $180,000. In the US the Viper bases at $97,395. Even with that higher import cost, the Viper is still a relative bargain when compared to some European supercars. Although it can't be compared directly to something like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the SRT Viper is now considered by many to truly be a world-class supercar, and one that has a traditional manual gearbox as the only transmission option.

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