SRT Viper TA Seeks Redemption

SRT wasn't too happy when its Viper GTS lost out to the Corvette ZR1 on the track a few months ago. Motor Trend returns to Laguna Seca with the Time Attack Viper.

It was only yesterday when SRT revealed the full skinny on the Viper TA, the car which Chrysler hopes will take the King of the Hill crown from the Corvette ZR1. Motor Trend conducted a test not long ago that pitted the SRT Viper GTS against the Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca. Not only did the ZR1 best the new snake, but it also set a new production car track record with Randy Pobst behind the wheel. The Viper TA (short for Time Attack) is SRT's response.

Pobst is back in the saddle at the same track to see if he can break his previous record. Only now, he’s behind the wheel of the Viper TA. So can this newly improved track happy Viper beat the might ZR1? Watch the video to find out.

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