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SsangYong Presents LIV-1 in Seoul

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South Korean automaker presents its latest SUV concept in its home-market auto show.

Hyundai (and its kid sister Kia) may be the first automaker to come to mind when you think of South Korea, but the Asian country has a few more carmakers on hand: GM's Daewoo subsidiary, Renault's joint venture with Samsung, and of course SsangYong. Who could forget SsangYong. Korea's other, other automaker is known primarily for bargain-basement SUVs with about as much appeal as a bowl full of Brussels sprouts. But it's on a campaign to reinvent itself, showing a succession of concept SUVs. And this is the latest.

Unveiled this week at the Seoul Motor Show, the SsangYong LIV-1 is described as "robust, purposeful and sporty" and "very much a car for the future". Make of that what you will, but it certainly looks better than the Rexton and Rodius in between which it is reportedly destined to slot in SsangYong's model line-up. Its name standing for "limitless interface vehicle", the LIV-1 concept is packed with tech like nanotube glass technology to quickly defrost the roof and windows, a variable instrument cluster that can be configured to the driver's tastes, five screens placed in various locations around the cabin, remote-control access from smartphones and more.

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