Stacked Redhead Rides in Shelby

Well-tuned Shelby Daytona replica meets well-endowed redhead in the latest fast car/girl video production.

If you're looking for a car to scare the crap out of someone, then this custom-built Factory 5 Shelby Type 65 replica has the requisite amount of performance and sound. And if you're looking for the perfect person to scare, how about a hottie with a rack big enough to serve drinks on? The combination of monster car and monster-stacked redhead gets our approval, even if the guys over at High Tech Corvette used a Butterface for the job. But then we doubt anyone will notice her nose with those sweater-muffins drawing all the attention.

Will we ever get tired of watching girls with (ahem) "ample" assets being filmed with reverse dash cams whilst being taken for a few quick laps in a high-performance car? Our dedication to airing such videos suggests not.

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