Stand Out At The Supercharger With New Tesla Carbon Body Kit

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Your Tesla doesn't have to look like the rest of them anymore.

Depending on your budget, it's tough to beat a Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Model Y, especially in their Performance trims that can rip off 0-60 mph runs in 3.1 and 3.5 seconds, respectively. Both are fairly attractive vehicles, but there's one major problem: you see them everywhere now. The Model 3 is basically the Camry of electric vehicles, and the Model Y is the RAV4. They are utterly common, and with only five paint colors available from Tesla, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. Tesla will soon offer more advanced paint colors from the factory, but many existing owners have wrapped their cars or put on a new set of wheels to differentiate them from the average stock example.

If you are among the Tesla owners who wants your car to look different, a company called ADRO (Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization) has a new carbon fiber body kit that could do the job. Available for the Model 3 and Model Y, this kit looks just bonkers.


"At ADRO, our clients crave designs that are unique to them while improving both form and function," says Chief Technology Officer Sean Yoon. "Our focus is on creating a special vehicle aesthetic that matches their personality while serving to improve vehicle performance. For EV owners, efficiency is very important, so ADRO Model 3 and Model Y customs reduce drag and improve aero efficiencies with light, durable, beautifully made carbon fiber."

ADRO says its carbon fiber parts reduce vehicle drag by 3.2 percent on the Model 3 and 4.4 percent for the Model Y. The slippery upgrades could have a meaningful impact on performance and range.


The kit uses dry, super-premium pre-preg (pre-impregnated with a resin) carbon fiber instead of the more common "wet carbon" process. Dry carbon fiber is the same technique used in high-dollar supercars and exotics. ADRO's kit includes a carbon fiber front lip, two carbon fiber side skirts, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber spoiler. Those outrageous pink wheels cost extra.

The four-piece body kit is now available for pre-order with deliveries starting this summer. Pricing comes in at $5,500, plus the cost of buying a Tesla. The pieces should fit any Model 3 or Model Y. That's not a terrible price to pay to stand out at the next Supercharger stop.


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