Standard E-Class? This Rendering Shoots Directly To The Next AMG

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Say hello to the W213 E63 S.

With Mercedes slowly dropping hints regarding its upcoming W213 generation E-Class which should be unveiled sometime next year, rendering artists have little patience for the standard procedure, not to mention the standard sedan model that will first be unveiled. Jumping right ahead, RM Design has released this image of what it expects the next Mercedes-AMG E63 S to look like. And as a car that is rumored to boast more than 600 hp and a 4Matic AWD system, the rendering certainly gives off the aura of a proper AMG model.

Does it also keep in line with what we've been seeing from spy shots and leaks, and stay true to Mercedes' current design language? And is this design good enough to sit atop the pedestal as AMG's next super sedan? To give us an even better idea of that, RM has also gone one step forward (or backwards?) and added an additional rendering, depicting its perception of the upcoming standard E. Which of the two strikes your palette and seems to be closest to reality? Until the cars are revealed, your guess is as good as ours.


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