Star Wars 'Jumps The Shark' for Nissan Juke Commercial


Looks like someone is already hard at work recouping a 4 billion dollar investment.

Earlier this year George Lucas sold his Star Wars franchise to the Walt Disney company for a whopping $4 billion dollars. Disney spent little time getting the wheels moving on a new Star Wars movie due in 2015. Americans were recently delighted to find the talented JJ Abrahams will be directing. Disney, however, is not going to wait that long to recoup its money as evidenced by Nissan recently releasing a commercial for the Juke in Asia, featuring the crossover surrounded by stormtroopers.

The ad is delivered in style, emphasizing the Juke's strongest selling point, its customization abilities, which is embodied by a fashionable multicolored storm trooper. Clearly it falls in line with Jumping the Shark, but Disney is already selling out Star Wars in ways that would make Lucas wince.

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Now this is a Star Wars car commercial that Lucas would have given the green light to.