Stark White Porsche Cayman R1 by DelaVilla

The Porsche Cayman R1 has gone all white, thanks to French outfit Dela Villa.

DelaVilla's aftermarket program for the Porsche Cayman R appears to be something special. The small tuning outfit from France has given the German sports car a carbon fiber body kit and some new styling lines plus a performance boost. The Lyon-based tuners are giving prospective clients three power levels to choose from for their aptly-titled DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1: 340hp, 385hp or 420hp.

Performance has also been enhanced through the use of a lightweight carbon fiber body kit, which includes most prominently a front lip spoiler with LED lights and new fog lights. The Cayman R1 is also bigger than its standard version, measuring 12cm wider in the front and 18cm wider at the rear. Speaking to PorscheTuningMag, Michel Bendinelli, chairman of DelaVilla said "The R1 stands out with its all new bodywork and improved technical performance. That is why we consider it as a Cayman... revealed!" The Porsche Cayman R1 by DelaVilla first appeared at the Lyon International Motor Show last month.

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