Starsky And Hutch's 1976 Ford Gran Torino Is Still A Ripe 'Striped Tomato'

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Like a fine wine it gets better with age.

Many of us weren't even born yet when "Starsky and Hutch" was on network television from 1975 until 1979. Us younger folks are familiar with the characters and, not to mention, their 1976 Ford Gran Torino, nicknamed the "Striped Tomato" from the 2004 starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the respective roles. Thanks to owner Darren Monteverde and the International Movie and TV Vehicle Owner's Association, we were given exclusive access to this one of 1,000 "Striped Tomato" replicas built by Ford.

Powered by the 351 Windsor V8 with Flowmaster dual exhaust and slotted mag wheels, this '76 Gran Torino not only still looks as wicked cool as ever, but it also features period correct props, such as a Motorola radio and speaker set up and police light.

But perhaps the best part about this car is what makes it truly unique - one of the sun visors was signed by three original TV show cast members, Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky), David Soul (Hutch), and Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear). Chances are you don't see too many '76 Gran Torino Striped Tomatoes on the road, so enjoy the one we have for you today. Special thanks to and the car's owner, Darren Monteverde, for letting us shoot this car.

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