Start Imagining The Nissan Micra On US Streets


The signs in Europe could mean the Micra might make its US debut sooner than you may think.

As interesting as the new Nissan Micra may be, it's not a car that's on the radars of most North American citizens. Which is understandable, of course, considering the small hatchback isn't sold in the States: why should you be excited by a car you won't have access to? However, a new report by Automotive News Europe does indicate that Nissan's adopting a 'two birds with one stone' mentality that could actually see the small car arrive on our shores at some point.

According to Automotive News Europe, Nissan will be discontinuing the Nissan Note MPV (what we know as the Versa Note) across the continent, as it feels the new Nissan Micra which will go on sale around about that time will just cannibalize sales off the Note. It sounds a bit unusual at first, but there is logic in this decision. The new Micra, for instance, is similarly sized to the Note, and Nissan has noticed a considerable drop in Note sales over the last few years. Factor the Nissan Juke into the equation, and it's understandable why Nissan thought having three B-segment cars on sale at the same time wasn't an especially good idea.

As a result, it's now a bit more likely that we'll see Nissan enter the supermini fray in the States with the new Micra. Of course, there'll still be a long way to go before that happens - after all, more than 16 percent of all the cars Nissan has sold in the States this year so far have been Versas (sadly, we don't have access to Versa Note-specific figures) - but the door does now appear to be open for the Micra if Nissan decides to introduce the car to North America. With hatchbacks seemingly starting to get a bit more of a foothold in the US market, and no worries about stealing sales off the Renault Clio sister car, we'd certainly be considering such a course of action if we called the shots at Nissan.


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