Start The Year Off Right With The Best Supercar Sounds From 2017

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2018 will have some great car sounds, but 2017 wasn't so bad.

Tesla models may be making mincemeat out of old supercars on the drag strip, but they simply can't match the symphony that supercars create from their exhaust when you mash the throttle. We really do love electric cars, but we aren't sure that we would sacrifice supercar sounds just to have the fastest car. It's not even just supercars that sound great anymore. Many performance sedans and even performance SUVs sound so good that you'll think a supercar just drove past. There are many great sounding cars, but which is the best?

YouTube channel JWT Supercars decided to end 2017 off the right way by compiling the best sounding cars of 2017. We chose our favorite sounding cars of 2016, but this video may have given us some new favorites.

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Enjoy the nearly 14 minutes of amazing exhaust sounds, and let us know in the comments section which car you think made the best noise. Our vote would have to go to the Lamborghini Aventador, which despite its age, still makes arguably the best sound of any car on the market.


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